Sunday, 7 January 2018

Back into it

Gaming wise :-)

Last Friday night saw the return to gaming for 2018!

And back to Black Powder.

900pts per side. French vs. British.

The difference.... this time I would be commanding the British. Uh oh... the British winning streak in 2017 was, well, non-existent.

I'd be commanding them with Brent whilst Dallas & Paul commanded the French.

We assembled our forces. Quite the mix for the British based on what was available (or able to be proxied).

3x Line Battalions
1x Highland Battalion
1x Light Battalion
1x Rifle Battalion
1x Cacadores
1x KGL Light Battalion
3x KGL Line Battalion
2x Portuguese Line Battalion
1x Hussars
1x KGL Hussars
2x Royal Artillery
1x RHA

Split across 5 Brigades, each commanded by an Officer with a rating of 8. Div Commander had a rating of 9.

Don't ask me what the French had.... other than loads! :-)

British forces deploy (refused flank)...

Forces of France deploy and seize the initiative by taking first turn. Suits the British just fine though, particularly as two French Brigades fail to move! :-D

Not that I was laughing for long... my very first order roll..... double 6. Blunder! Next roll.... 1... crap. All 3 KGL Line Battalions retire from the field..... Well, there goes that flank!

Still, the main British line advances and attempts to use its firepower to slow the French advance. It's at this point that I pay closer attention to the French force. The bastards had upgraded 6 Battalions to large!?! And it only costs 8pts to do so!?! Well, this just got a lot tougher.

The centre starts to turn into a mess of lines, squares and close combat as both sides Cavalry makes it's presence felt..

The large French Battalions are just too much though. Although most of the French Battalions have multiple casualties on them, some super saving throughout the game prevents them from being shaken.

Not so for the British who slowly start to collapse.

But, not before the highlight of the game. Sensing victory... one of the large French Battalions (who had done nothing all game!) sighted one of the Portuguese Line Battalions.

Thinking they'd be an easy beat up - they charged in.

At the end of that first round of combat..... 1 completely broken Large French Battalion and 1 soundly victorious Portuguese Line Battalion! :-)

But that was pretty much it. Victory for the French. But, just a few rolls going slightly differently and I think would have been a very different outcome.

Some lessons learnt though and it was good to try out the British (especially considering how much I have now invested in them!).

Next time! Needs to be a British victory.... I think it can be done.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Happy New Year!

I'm currently sitting here scoffing chocolate like there's no tomorrow and contemplating the amount I have been drinking over the last few days... (it's the holidays right...!?!).

And I got to thinking and reflecting on the year gone (Where has it gone by the way!?!) I was beginning to think I hadn't done much other than work -> train -> eat -> sleep -> repeat, but then I thought a little more....

Actually I've gotten away a few times this year....

Palmy North (RNZAF 75th Anniversary) - great time with many memories from student days in Palmy....

Blenheim (Classic Fighters) - great time as always, but some added spice of storms raging around the rest of the country

Queenstown - Lads weekend.... who knew that I could still go out clubbing until 4am...!?!?!

And then it was Japan! A most unexpected, but fantastic opportunity & trip.

On the gaming front... some changes to training times allowed me to lock in Friday night gaming. I think I'm still unbeaten.... ;-) Plus we all got the Napoleonic bug baaaaaddd - helps when a couple of the guys have some awesome looking forces (unless it was all the rum and red wine..... :-) )!

But what's more, we even got a club started with an inaugural meet just before the year ended!

Painting wise.... very little really except for these bad boys -

What else has this year brought, well training wise the first half was good - many PB's were broken, but winter colds, work & time away kinda mean everything has dropped off. Fair bit of re-building fitness, strength and confidence needed from the start of 2018. The signs are looking good though and I gotta get Lifting Squad!

What else... well, work is work. Still full on, but to be honest I don't think I'd really want it quiet. There's certainly no signs of it calming down for some time yet!

All in all, a pretty good year really. First full year in my own place and plenty of good times with good mates (old & new).

Roll on 2018. Let's see what you've got! :-)

Happy New Year all!

Friday, 29 December 2017

Nippon! - Part 2

This is part 2 of the photos of my Japan trip...

Hakone -> Tokyo -> Nagano (day trip from Tokyo) -> Tokyo

Enjoy :-)